How to cancel your membership?

Any user can cancel his membership before the first/next payment, from " My Account "page .


Is VisionShe right for me?

Do you want to schedule schedule,manage customers over COVID-19 concerns, without the back-and-forth emails?

Do you want to quickly enhance your artwork and perfomance value on line?

Do you want to get your own good review and record about your artwork and performance value on line?

Do you want to avoid learning curve and fillful your real need , than VisionShe is right for you.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we offer 14 days trial period

Do you offer Group Plan?

Yes, we offer different kinds of the group plans. you can get in touch by filling out the contact form for group special apply.

Do you provide an Affiliate program?

Yes, we have a great affiliate program that you can learn more about by visiting our affiliate program information page.

1.you will have your own Affiliate Dashboard.

Within your affiliate dashboard, you can track all the actions related to the refer ID: visits, commissions received, and related payments.


2.By clicking on the “Generate link” entry (in your Affiliate Dashboard), you will be redirected to a page in which they dynamically obtain the affiliation URL for a specific shop page. With the copy button, you can easily copy and share the URL wherever you want.

3.General settings

The “PayPal” email address inserted here is the one that will be used by receive the payment the commissions from the site.
The two check-boxes allow you to be notified by email every time a commission acquires the “Pending” status or has been paid.


pixels of Header image picture and product image

Header image picture pixels:

A good size can be 900*400 px


product image:

You need to load a square image, in loop your image are 300x300px,900x900 or 1800x1800

Try using image 1800*1200, so with a rectangular proportion.